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Florida Statewide Model

Welcome to the weblog for the Florida Statewide Model. We hope you will find the information you need about our model here. For additional information, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) at the FDOT Central Office.

Florida Statewide Model (FLSWM) Version 6.0 (Passenger & Freight) (Updated October 14, 2016)

The FLSWM Version 6.0 has passenger and freight components and will run on Cube Version 6.4 or higher. The loaded model is approximately 32 GB, the unloaded model is approximately .5 GB, the loaded network is approximately 60 MB, the passenger and freight documentation is about 21 MB, and the freight reports are about 21 MB. The loaded and unloaded FLSWM contains the passenger and FreightSIM model, documentation, and the freight reports.

7/5/18 New Documentation Added: Use of the Florida Statewide Model (see link below): This document describes the Florida Statewide Model's design and organization, and provides guidance on proper model application methods. It specifies the types of projects for which this model is appropriate, and the recommended steps for performing analysis within a subarea of the state. Finally, the report discusses the emerging modeling topic of risk analysis, quantifying the uncertainties inherent in travel demand forecasting.

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Updated Florida Statewide Model (FLSWM)

This version (current as of 01/01/2014) of the Florida Statewide Model (2005 Base Year) runs on Cube Voyager 6.0.2 or above. See the Training Documentation for model set up and model features. Users will need a Cube Analyst license to run matrix estimation procedures.

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Florida Statewide Model (FLSWM)

This version (current as of 10/20/2008) of Florida Statewide Model runs on Cube Voyager 4.2 or above. See the Training Documentation for model set up and model features.

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