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Land Use Modeling
The MTF priorities survey indicated a strong need for an integrated FSUTMS/land use modeling framework. With such a framework, planners can better evaluate how transportation and land use interact with one another and estimate the effect of various land use policies in reducing (or promoting) the need for transportation investments. The goal of this panel is to guide the work effort of investigating, developing, and implementing an integrated land use model for FSUTMS.
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Time-of-Day Modeling
Currently FSUTMS estimates daily travel demand and then produces estimates of peak volumes through a simple post-processing routine. However, there are pressing needs to address planning issues and answer questions that are TOD-related. For example, many travel demand management (TDM) strategies intend to smooth the temporal distribution of travel over the entire day. Furthermore, for transit systems, modeling by time of day is critical because both transit demand and supply vary considerably during the course of the day. The daily-basis modeling framework is not able to evaluate the impacts of TDM strategies or measure transit demand correctly. The goal of this panel is to direct the work effort to integrate time of day into FSUTMS to help modelers and planners measure demand accurately.
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Advanced Toll Modeling
Toll modeling in FSUTMS, under the sponsorship of Florida's Turnpike Enterprise, has migrated over the years from the basic UTPS capability to the current state-of-the-art methods that accommodate the newer toll collection technologies. The scope of this work effort is to incorporate advanced toll methodologies into the FSUTMS framework and verify that results from this implementation coincide with established results from the current TRANPLAN implementation. The panel will guide the work effort and ensure that proposed techniques provide realistic results.
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Transit Survey Design
The goal of the panel is to help each area collect transit data for their transit models to compete for FTA New, Small, and Very Small Starts Projects. This panel will advise work efforts to develop transit data standards and a guidebook for Small and Very Small Starts projects.
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Model Information Exchange System and Regional Database
The "Modal Information Exchange and Regional Database" is an effort to design a system for effective and efficient sharing of information between different planning activities. This discussion group is setup to facilitate discussions between the members that are part of the brainstorming group.
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