2010/2040 Cost Feasible TCRPM 4.0 (Activity-Based Model)

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2010/2040 Cost Feasible TCRPM 4.0 (Activity-Based Model)

2010/2040 Cost Feasible TCRPM 4.0 model is available for download. Please check with T/MPOs and District 4 regarding the use of this model for projects.

Click a file below to download:

Updated 2040 transit line file MPPTR00B.zip

Please click below to download the Java installation files, patch files and documentations (no password required).

The 2010/2040 Cost Feasible TCRPM 4 model contains three (3) scenarios.

  • Base 2010 Scenario (2010T)
  • Cost Feasible 2040 Scenario (2040R)
  • E+C 2040 Scenario (2040T)

It is anticipated that the model will be updated regularly in order to reflect the latest amendments to the LRTPs, land use plan, and/or to correct detected errors.

Model Updates: The model will be updated in the following coordinated manners.

  • When an issue of zonal data is identified, respective T/MPOs should be notified first. T/MPOs will review and decide how the issue should be addressed and notify FDOT-D4 how the zonal data should be revised.
  • When an issue of network coding is identified. FDOT-D4 should be contacted first. FDOT will review and consult T/MPOs staff and make necessary changes.
  • FDOT-D4 will maintain a log for all the issues identified.

By Hui Zhao
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