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District One Regional Planning Model

The District One Regional Planning Model version 1.0.6 (12.31.18) is a Florida Standard Urban Transportation Structure (FSUTMS), four-step, trip-based model. Developed with CUBE/Voyager v6.1.1 transportation planning software.  The model, with 5,095 traffic analysis zones (TAZ) covers 12,400 square miles in 12 counties: Charlotte, Collier, Desoto, Glades, Hardee, Hendry, Highlands, Lee, Manatee, Okeechobee, Polk, and Sarasota.

The D1RPM consists of a base year of 2010, existing plus committed year of 2018, and forecast year of 2040. The sources of input data used in the model include:

  • Population Characteristics: American Community Survey, Property Appraiser Parcel Data
  • Employment: 2010 InfoGroup (supplied by FDOT)
  • School and University: Florida Department of Education (DOE)
  • Hotel and Motel: Florida Department of Professional Regulation (DPR)
  • Network, updated and verified with:
  • Navteq Q4 roadways,
  • FDOT Roadway Characteristics Inventory,
  • FDOT SIS roadway GIS layer
  • Aerial Images (FGDL)
  • FDOT and County AADT traffic Counts
  • Transit: as supplied by each MPO’s Transit Development Plan Update

The D1RPM includes an airport sub-model for the thee commercial airports in D1 (RSW, SRQ, PGD) and the model utilizes heavy truck sub-model which utilizes volumes obtained from the Florida Statewide model. Model volumes are in AADT.

This model can be used for site traffic studies, corridor studies, and long-range plans. To run the model, it is recommended to use CUBE/Voyager 6.4.5 with CLUSTER processing, and have 15GB of disk space for output and temporary work files. The base GIS projection is Albers Equal Area (In ArcMap: NAD 1983 HARN Florida GDL Albers).

  • Model Version Number: Version 1.0.6
  • Date of Model Completion: 12/31/2018
  • Base Year (validation year of model): 2010
  • Horizon Year: 2040
  • Model Type: Four-step
  • Time of Day: Daily Only
  • Software Version Used for Model Development: CUBE/Voyager v6.1.1

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By Christopher Simpron
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