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FDOT District 5 - Job Announcement - ISD Transportation Specialist VII

FDOT District 5 currently has a vacant position for an ISD Transportation Specialist VII located in the Environmental Management Office. Please visit the following link to view the position description on People First: Vacant Position. Applicants must apply online by Wednesday, November 19, 2014


  • Prepares Transportation Systems and Design traffic projections, design factors project traffic demand and Equivalent Loading Accumulations for pavements design, roadway and bridge design, Project Development & Environmental Studies and traffic operations and safety studies. Develops and maintains a variety of methodologies and techniques for preparing traffic projects for a variety of needs and situations; prepare traffic projection; develop and apply quality control checks and measures for traffic projections; Review the reasonableness and accuracy of traffic projects from other sources.
  • Provides technical support for Florida Standard Urban Transportation Model Structure (FSUTMS) resources for the statewide Model Task Force (MTF), modeling users groups, Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) district office and Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) agencies.
  • Provides MPO'S and other local planning agencies technical training assistance for highway, transit and freight statewide, regional and urban transportation models.
  • Develops and coordinates transportation modeling, land use (growth management) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) integration methodologies to provide technical support for MPO and district transportation plans update.
  • Performs duties related to strategic planning, resource allocation, staff modeling, leadership techniques, and production methods.
  • Provides consultation and expert advice to Department of Transportation (DOT) staff, municipal, county and other governmental agencies on technical, systems-related, or process related topics to the development of land use studies, capacity analysis, trip generation, conceptual and geometric design.
  • Monitors modeling programs, approves funding, tasks, scopes, and confirms the disposition of awards, and other agreements. Reviews Level of Service Analyses, Right-of Way and other transportation facility needs assessments. Develops and refines urban area models used in travel forecasting. Reviews and analyzes the output of computer models as necessary for other responsibilities
  • Manages contracts, including scope development, contract negotiations, product review, invoices approval, and consultant evaluation. Processes procurement services invoices. Researches and recommends purchases to management related to modeling. Serves as liaison to consultant engineer, planners, City, County and other State Agencies on planning-related issues such as the development of Long Range Transportation Plans invoices.

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