District One Regional Planning Model (D1RPM version 2.0)

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District One Regional Planning Model (D1RPM version 2.0)

The District One Regional Planning Model version 2.0 (released on 1.29.21) is a Florida Standard Urban Transportation Structure (FSUTMS), four-step, trip-based model. Developed with CUBE/Voyager v6.4.2 transportation planning software.  The model, with 5,280 traffic analysis zones (TAZ) covers 12,400 square miles in 12 counties: Charlotte, Collier, Desoto, Glades, Hardee, Hendry, Highlands, Lee, Manatee, Okeechobee, Polk, and Sarasota. A portion of Osceola County adjacent to NE Polk County is also included.

The D1RPM consists of a base year of 2015, existing plus committed year of 2023, and forecast year of 2045. The sources of input data used in the model include:

  • Population Characteristics: the U.S. Census, the American Community Survey and Property Appraiser Parcel Data
  • Employment 2014 data from InfoUSA (supplied by FDOT CO)
  • School and University: Florida Department of Education (DOE)
  • Hotel and Motel: Florida Department of Professional Regulation (DPR)
  • Network, updated and verified with:
    • Navteq Q4 roadways
    • The FDOT Roadway Characteristics Inventory (RCI)
    • The FDOT Strategic Intermodal System (SIS) 
    • Aerial Images from the Florida Geographic Data Library (FGDL)
    • FDOT and County traffic Counts (Model volumes are in AADT)
  • Transit: as supplied by each MPO’s Transit Development Plan Update

The D1RPMv2.0 includes an airport sub-model for three commercial airports in The District: Regional Southwest/Southwest Florida International (RSW); Sarasota-Manatee International (SRQ); and Charlotte/Punta Gorda International (PGD).  The model also utilizes heavy truck matrix obtained from the Florida Statewide model for 2015 and 2045.

This model can be used for site traffic studies, corridor studies, and long-range plans. It is recommended to use CUBE/Voyager 6.4.2 with CLUSTER processing and have 15GB of disk space for output and temporary work files. The base GIS projection is Albers Equal Area (In ArcMap: NAD 1983 HARN Florida GDL Albers). The model will run in later versions of CUBE/Voyager, however, runtime will be longer and assigned volumes will be slightly different.

  • Model Version Number: 2.0
  • Date of Model Completion: 01-29-2021
  • Key Differences Compared to Previous Model Version: New Base Year and Horizon Year Model. Includes CAV modeling procedure. Assignment now reflects AADT rather than PSWADT.
  • Base Year (validation year of model): 2015
  • Horizon Year: 2045
  • Model Type: Four-step
  • Time of Day: Multiple periods
  • Description of Time Periods (if multiple periods): AM (6-9), MD (9-4), PM (4-7) & OVERNIGHT (7-6)
  • Software Version Used for Model Development: 6.4.2 Cube Voyager

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By Christopher Simpron
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