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The statewide freight model structure follows the basic framework of the four-step transportation demand forecasting process, used by the Florida Standard Urban Transportation Model Structure (FSUTMS). Following the four-step transportation demand forecasting process requires that commodities be generated and distributed for all tonnage, that a mode split component be included and that trucks, identified after the mode split process, be assigned to the statewide highway network.

The statewide freight model will provide inputs for the statewide, regional and the urban area models. The statewide freight model will also be used to provide tables of truck trips that have one trip end outside of a regional or urban model area as flows between external stations and internal Traffic Analysis Zones (TAZs). These forecasts will be "value added" information, which is not currently available to the statewide, regional and urban passenger vehicle models.

Mission Statement

The Florida Department of Transportation-Central Office in conjunction with the Freight Committee of the Florida Model Task Force will develop a Statewide freight model that will be integrated within the overall Statewide transportation model. The new freight model will generate and distribute all commodities being shipped to, from and within the state and will segment commodity movements by air, water, rail and truck modes. In addition, the freight model will include the distribution systems of these goods by truck based both on land use and employment, as well as the transportation network. Once the Statewide model is complete it will provide a top- down platform for the development of regional freight models around the State.


  • Guide and facilitate the application of the Statewide freight model for assessing a variety of freight investments and policies.
  • Evaluate, coordinate, facilitate and improve the simulation of freight movements in transportation modeling.
  • Support research and develop freight data (truck [freight and commercial vehicles], rail, air, water, and pipeline), review freight modeling methodologies, applications of the Statewide model and recommend enhancements to the current FSUTMS practice.

Freight Modeling Committee Chairperson:

Christopher Simpron, Hardee County BOCC
Public Works Director
Phone: (863) 773-3272

Freight Modeling Committee Members and Friends:

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