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Northeast Regional Planning Model (NERPM)

Thank you for visiting the webpage. The North Florida TPO adopted model is ready for distribution. Please submit the request for the new model NERPM-AB1 version 2 below.

It is anticipated that the model will be updated regularly in order to reflect the latest amendments to the LRTP, land use plan, and/or to correct errors.

Model Updates: The model will be updated in the following coordinated manner.

  1. When an issue of zonal data or network coding is identified, please inform the North Florida TPO.
  2. The TPO will review and decide how the issue should be addressed and notify FDOT-D2 how the zonal data should be revised.
  3. FDOT D2 will review with the North Florida TPO staff and make necessary changes.
  4. FDOT-D2 will maintain a log for all the issues identified and will coordinate with the TPO on a quarterly meeting for acceptance.

For additional information, please email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), FDOT District Two Modeling Coordinator.

Northeast Regional Planning Model - Activity Based1v3 (NERPM-AB)

NEW NERPM-AB1v3 (Activity-Based Model Released on 04/17/2017)
NERPM-AB1 version 3.0 model is available for download. The downloads may take up to 2 hours depending on the network speed. This NEW version includes interim 2025 and 2035 model networks, the Land Use/Parcel Editing interface updates, and a NEW Trip Distribution percent interface. This is the model and includes all files needed to run the model.

Within, Parcels_20XX.gdb – XX stands for any given year between 2010 and 2040. These files are inputs for the "Generate or Edit Parcel File" application. The appropriate file for the year to edit should be placed in the NERPMAB1v3\Input_ParcelData directory before running the Generate or Edit application. These are only needed if the DaySim inputs supplied with the main model need to be edited or DaySim inputs generated for a year is not supplied with the main model.

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