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Model Task Force Meeting Announced

The Model Task Force tri-chairs are pleased to announce that the Florida Model Task Force will hold a meeting in Orlando on May 25 - May 27, 2010. This meeting will serve as a great opportunity for us to follow up on ideas and implementation strategies for future modeling efforts that were discussed at our last Full Model Task Force meeting.

Florida Model Task Force Meeting
May 25 - 27, 2010 (Tuesday - Thursday)
Embassy Suites Hotel - Jamaican Court
8250 Jamaican Court, Orlando, FL 32819
Guest room rate: $99
Reservation number: 1-800-327-9797
Block Name: MTF

The Model Task Force Meeting will focus on reaching key policy decisions and creating strategies that can be put into practice in the near future. Some important issues that will be discussed are:

  • Developing capabilities within the statewide model and other regional models to conduct analysis of intercity passenger travel forecasts on SIS highway facilities and rail facilities
  • Following up on action items created from the Performance Based Measures workshop
  • Improving model accuracy using new National Household Travel Survey data and other employment data
  • Providing guidance on the development of an advanced travel demand model in the Northeast Florida TPO
  • MTF short term priorities update on ongoing activities from the Model Task Force Panels: Time of Day Modeling, Advanced Toll Modeling, Land Use Modeling and Transit Data

We are still developing the agenda but we anticipate the full task force will meet on May 25th, beginning at 11 AM. The committees will meet all day on May 26th and the full task force will reconvene for a half a day on May 27th. Please begin to make your plans now.

Posted by Terry Corkery Back
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