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Transit Model Update Project

This project provides recommendations for modeling transit trips within the FSUTMS framework. This work was undertaken with the purpose of designing and implementing, within FSUTMS and associated support systems, the changes necessary to improve the preparation of transit demand forecasts to a point consistent with federal expectations, and simultaneously to incorporate state of the practice techniques and tools.

Major New Model Features

  • Use of AutoConn functionality in CUBE 6.0
  • Transit market segmentation - Additional purposes HBCollege/Univ, HB School, and splitting NHB into NHBW and NHBO
  • Household segmentation - adding households by workers and households by income.
  • Add auto sufficiency variable to distribution and mode choice
  • Marginal models to estimate households by income, workers and size.
  • Add an auto ownership model
  • HBW Trip Production model uses workers/hhld and auto ownership
  • Destination-Choice model with the size variable, replacing trip attraction model
  • Special Markets include Seasonal Residents, visitors, External Workers, air passengers
  • Time of day stratification for Distribution, Mode choice and Assignment. Peak/Off-Peak for Distribution and Mode Choice, 4 periods for assignment.
  • Feedback process involving Distribution, Mode Choice and Assignment
  • Walk Market Segmentation in Mode choice, Short and Long
  • More Generalized and detailed nesting structure, includes local bus, Express Bus, Urban Rail and Commuter Rail modes.

Project Documents

Citilabs Technical Memos - Improvements in Cube 6.2

Models, Prototype & Software

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