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CTPP ACS Reference Materials

The Census Bureau has just released the first of a series of "handbooks" aimed at helping data users negotiate their way through ACS data. This first handbook, "What General Data Users Need to Know" will help general audiences understand the basics of the ACS, its opportunities and challenges, and how to access and use the ACS data on the Census Bureau's Web site.

The handbook can be found at

The handbook itself is part of a much broader suite of e-learning ACS materials that can found at

In addition, NCHRP Report 588 "A Guidebook for Using the American Community Survey Data for Transportation Planning" is a MUST HAVE for the transportation planner. It can be found on-line at

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Cube Voyager Transit Model Application Available

To help FDOT districts and MPOs implement the FSUTMS transit modeling framework, a new Cube Voyager Transit Model Application has been developed to allow users to "insert" the Transit Model Application into their models to form the transit component of the model. Please see the Transit Modeling Framework for more details.

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FSUTMS/CUBE Version 5.0 Released!

The public version of FSUTMS/Cube Verson 5.0.1 was mailed out to all public agencies on Thursday, July 17, 2008.

Version 5.0.1 includes the latest updates of Cube Base and Cube Voyager. It also includes Cube GIS, Cube Cluster, Citilabs' mesoscopic simulation tool Cube Avenue, the latest FSUTMS Launcher, and the Cube License file. Please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for questions and technical support.

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FSUTMS Executive Summary Modeling Workshop - Online Version Available for Comment

The FDOT Systems Planning Office, working with TeachAmerica, Cambridge Systematics, inc., and Wilbur Smith Associates, has recently completed the devevlopment the FSUTMS Executive Summary Online training course. The training course is mostly based on the same training workshop we currently offer with some modifications. In addtion to the usual presentation slides, we have added many interactive exercises to emphasize the main points we want to get across, and to provide step-by-step instructions on how to perform some of the basic operations within the FSUTMS/Voyager modeling environment. This online course will supplement our training workshops by providing opportunities for those who cannot attend the workshops in person. We are working with the Florida Board of Professional Engineers to get approval for PDH credits. In the mean time, we would like to get your feedback with regard to the content, pace, and depth of the traing course, and ways to improve our training in general. You can access the training course by clicking here. Please send your comments and suggestions to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) of Systems Planning Office by Friday, July 18.

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New Update on Transit Modeling Framework

This update replaces the FORTRAN programs currently used in the transit modeling framework for REWALK (REWALK.exe) and TAReport (TAReport.exe) with Cube Voyager applications (ReWalkApp and TAReportApp). The Cube Voyager applications serve the same purpose as the FORTRAN programs. The accompanying documentation describes the application logic, catalog keys, input and output files, and procedures to import the applications into a model.

Please visit the Transit Modeling Framework page for more information and download the files.

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Update on Transit Modeling Framework

A new version of AUTOCON and TAREPORT has been posted on the Transit Modeling Framework page. A new functionality has been added to AUTOCON that would allow users to build kiss-ride connectors that are distinct from park-ride locations. The included documentation describes the new values of TSTYPE needed to access the features. In TAREPORT, the array dimensions have been increased to accommodate large number of links usually present in large models. There are no major or structural changes.

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FSUTMS-Cube Model Online Training Under Development

The FDOT Systems Planning Office is working with TeachAmerica to develop online training courses for FSUTMS-Cube models. These trainig courses will be largely based on the training workshops we currently offer with some modifications for interative exercises. The purpose of the online courses is to provide an opportunity for those who cannot attend the workshops due to schedule conflict to learn the modeling themselves, and for those who attended the workshops to review what they learned from the class.

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