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[CTPP] Urban Area Boundaries

On June 12 FHWA and Census Staff hosted a webinar on the Census Bureau's plans for defining Urbanized Area Boundaries. At the webinar more questions were asked than there was time answer. Consequently all the questions were collected and Q/A developed. It can be downloaded from the CTPP webinar room by going to http://fhwa.acrobat.com/ctpp1, entering as a guest and saving the "Census Q and A v8.pdf" file to your computer.

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June 2009 Newsletter Issue posted

A new issue of the Florida Transportation Modeling Newsletter has been published and posted on the newsletter page. This issue discusses the Model Task Forces's near-term priorities, FDOT's plans to reorganize the model training program, new air quality modeling requirements, and the new FSUTMS REPORTS application. The issue also provides updates on the Cube-version statewide model and the National Household Travel Survey.

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New Community Capture Forum

A new discussion forum has been posted about the use of FSUTMS in predicting external travel in new town type communities. This forum was created to encourage a free and open discussion on the use of FSUTMS in projecting external trips in self standing communities such as new towns. Please feel free to view and participate in this forum by clicking the following link: New Forum Post.

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Rescheduled ITS Evaluation Tools Modeling Workshop

The ITS Evaluation Tools Modeling Workshop that was previously scheduled to be held May 4-7th has now been rescheduled to June 22nd-25th, 2009. It will be held in Orlando, FL at Embassy Suites Hotel. For more information and to register go to the following link: Modeling Training & Registration Page

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Welcome Updated Article

FSUTMSOnline, maintained by the FDOT Forecasting and Trends Office, provides news and information to Florida modelers and is a source for downloading model data files and documentation. To search the entire website by keyword, click on any menu item above. Join our mailing list to receive announcements about Model Task Force meetings, upcoming training course schedules, software updates, and other news.

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ITS Sketch Planning Tool Webinar Presentation

An ITS Sketch Planning Tool Webinar was presented on January 8, 2009 by Dr. Mohammed Hadi, through FDOT CO-Systems Planning Office. The webinar provided an overview of the new ITS sketch planning evaluation software and procedures developed by FDOT. To view the full story and download the presentation please refer to the following link.

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FAF-2 Data Disaggregation Research Report

The FAF-2 Data Disaggregation Final Research Report is available for review along with the FAF disaggregate database (Access format).

Please download and share your thoughts.

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