2015/2045 SERPM 8.524 (Activity-Based Model) *CURRENT ADOPTED MODEL*

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2015/2045 SERPM 8.524 (Activity-Based Model) *CURRENT ADOPTED MODEL*

2015/2045 SERPM 8.524 model is now available for download. *CURRENT ADOPTED MODEL*

General Notes about the 2045 Scenarios: There are two 2045 scenarios in SERPM8 model catalog- 1. “LRTP_2045” (Cost Feasible 2045 SE Data); 2. “LRTP_Plus45” ("LRTP+" 2045 SE Data). Both scenarios use the most up to date highway networks. The only difference between the two is the TAZ data. For the 2045 LRTP CF scenario, the original  2045 LRTP TAZ data is used. For the 2045 LRTP+ scenario, the most up to date 2045 TAZ data is used with edits from the MPO data amendments.

The following is the naming convention of the model version:

The integer (8) - The model structure

The first decimal place (5) - The last digit of the base year (2015)

The second decimal place (2) - The last digit of the release year (2022)

The last decimal place (4) - The quarter of the release year

This version is compatible with Cube 6.4.5 and includes CT-RAMP.

The SERPM 8 User/Reference Guide can be found here: SERPM 8 Reference 
The Reference Guide includes the following information:

Model installation, setup, and configuration

How to run and troubleshoot

Model components (inputs, outputs, reports)

Video Tutorials

And more...

  • Model Version Number: 8.524
  • Date of Model Completion: December 2022
  • Key Differences Compared to Previous Model Version: Modified model scripts to incorporate SR3+ trips into the model assignment. Removed the capacity adjustment factors.
  • Base Year (validation year of model): 2015
  • Horizon Year: 2045
  • Model Type: Activity-based
  • Time of Day: Multiple periods

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By Srin Varanasi
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