TCRPM III Model Download (Created on 06/27/2007)

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TCRPM III Model Download (Created on 06/27/2007)

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June 27, 2007 Model Update Readme

  • Minor network changes for local streets located in City of Sebastian, Indian River County.

Feb 23, 2007 Model Update Readme

  • 2030 ZDATA
    DRIs originally included in the model:
    • LTC Ranch
    • Verano
    • Reserve
    • Tradition
    • Vison at Indrio
    • Capron Lakes
    • Provences
    • Indiantown
    • Western Annexation
    • Quillen
    • Indrio Grove
    • Orchard Park
    • DRI(s) added in the February 2007 update:
    • Cloud Grove
  • 2000 Network
    • Change speed limits on SR 710
  • 2030 Network
    • Indrio Road/Koblegard Road intersection -- Add access to EB & WB
    • Crosstown Parkway -- Revise post speed to 40 mph
    • Western Annexation -- Code post speed as 2L-30, 4L-35, 6L-40 mph
    • TAZ 394 -- Add centroid connector to Oslo Rd for Clove Grove DRI
    • Code dummy Zone into the network
    • Revise facility types on numerous links.
    • Code SIGID on SR 710

This version of Treasure Coast Regional Planning Model (TCRPM III) is designed as a tool to support traffic forecasts for selected FDOT projects. The model is subject to changes and updates without further notice. There is no implication of FDOT's endorsement for model uses and/or model outputs. FDOT deems future year model outputs as "raw material for forecasts" and not factual forecasts or projections. Model users are responsible for judging model's suitability for their specific applications and are responsible for judiciously applying and interpreting model outputs.

Users of this web site are obligated to read and accept the above disclaimer before downloading the model.

By Min-Tang Li
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