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Transit & Rail Committee

Mission Statement

To lead the Florida Model Task Force in improving transit modeling within Florida, and in addressing Federal and State planning requirements as they relate to transit planning.

Goals and Objectives

  • Goal 1: Sustain Research & Development for Advancement of Transit Modeling:
    • Objective 1.1: Promote securing and maintaining funding for transit modeling research
    • Objective 1.2: Conduct research into developing and disseminating short-range forecasting toolsincluding models and data driven methodologies.
    • Objective 1.3: Develop grant applications for TCRP and other research programs.
    • Objective 1.4: Develop methodologies for forecasting improvements not in base year.
  • Goal 2: Promote Adoption and Implementation of Best Practices for the Conduct of Transit Modeling Procedures:
    • Objective 2.1: Improve Network Editing capabilities
    • Objective 2.2: Continue advancement of Mode Choice modeling including non-motorized modes within FSUTMS
    • Objective 2.3: Specify and promote a Model Update Program to be implemented across the State
    • Objective 2.4: Develop best practice methods and application of stated preference surveys
    • Objective 2.5: Develop best practice methods and application of market segmentation analyses
  • Goal 3: Support Continued Training in Transit Modeling within Florida:
    • Objective 3.1: Act as the Florida clearinghouse & conduit for transit modeling-related information
    • Objective 3.2: Support continued training in transit modeling, contribute to its ongoing improvement and sustain its excellence
    • Objective 3.3: Advance training in data driven methodologies
    • Objective 3.4: Advance training in modeling of new modes
  • Goal 4: Promote Effective and Efficient Data Collection for Transit Modeling:
    • Objective 4.1: Develop scope, schedule and budget for on-going Transit Model Update Program
    • Objective 4.2: Develop methodologies for obtaining transit speed, travel time, and dwell time data.
    • Objective 4.3: Develop data specification for transit pathing estimation, calibration, and validation.
    • Objective 4.4: Specify and promote advanced data collection techniques.

Transit and Rail Committee Chairperson:

Scott Seeburger
FDOT District 4
Phone: (954) 777-4632

Transit and Rail Committee Members and Friends:

Members and Friends

Committee Meetings


Transit & Rail Committee Meeting - January 31, 2014

Transit & Rail Committee Meeting - June 18, 2014

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Transit & Rail Committee Meeting - June 20, 2012

Transit & Rail Committee Meeting -  February 3, 2012

Transit & Rail Committee Meeting on November 30, 2010

Transit and Rail Meeting - November 8, 2010

Transit & Rail Committee Meeting on July 29, 2010

Transit Committee Teleconference on 04/23/10

Transit Committee Teleconference on 11/20/08

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